Dongle Backup PRO

Dongle Backup PRO 7.11

Emulate Virtual USB structures for data management
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7.11.3 (See all)
Access and control the dongle for Virtual USB emulation. Control the access and interactions with Safe-Net structures and products such as HASP 4, HASP HL, HASP SRM, Hardlock, Sentinel SuperPRO, and UltraPRO devices. Load a dongle image, perform selective installation, etc.

DongleBackup PRO is a dongle emulator based on Virtual USB emulation technology. It can be used with Safe-Net HASP 4, Safe-Net HASP HL, Safe-Net HASP SRM, Safe-Net Hardlock, Safe-Net Sentinel SuperPRO and Safe-Net Sentinel UltraPRO devices. You can easily load a dongle image, install/uninstall Windows drivers, start/stop services, etc. from this program.

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